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Need new tyres for your vehicle in Brighton? Jim’s Mobile Tyres supply a wide range of top tyre brands, as well as tyre fitting services offered at a location convenient to you!


Brighton – Tyres Delivered To You

Find out how our tyre services eliminate the hassle for you. Call Brighton’s local Jim’s Mobile Tyres for a no-obligation, free quote on new tyres and tyre fitting services. Our prices are sure to please! Call 13 15 46 or Book Online.

Why waste time getting your vehicle to a tyre outlet, when we can deliver new tyres directly to you, and fit them quickly and efficiently? Our tyre professionals will match the optimal tyres to your vehicle, while you get on with your day.

Jim’s Mobile Tyres Brighton is the ultimate tyre service for busy people. Access leading tyre brands, and have them fitted to your vehicle by our specialists. Experience prompt, professional and friendly service with a Jim’s Mobile Tyre expert today!

Top Tyre Service

Our team at Jim Mobile Tyres, Brighton has everything at hand to provide tyre services at your location. Our vans are fully-equipped with the tools and equipment needed to fit your new tyres. Whether you need tyres for a ute, van or car, we match your vehicle with exactly the right tyres, and fit them quickly, so that you don’t waste time.

Competitive Prices

Wonder why tyre outlets are so expensive? Their property rents and overheads get passed onto you in their pricing. As Jim’s are mobile, those costs aren’t relevant, which means you access lower prices. Jims also has group buying power, as well as well-established connections with tyre manufacturers, that enables us to access competitive pricing.

Of course, the brand, type and size of tyre you require will influence price. If you want to find out the cost of new tyres for your passenger or luxury car, 4WD, ute, or even your truck (up to 5 tonne capacity), we can help you with a quick quote.​​ Plus, we’ll fit your tyres at your location in Brighton and surrounds!

Tyre Fitting on Your Terms

Why waste time sitting in a tyre service centre waiting for new tyres to be fitted, or wandering around a tyre sales outlet trying to work out what tyres are best for your vehicle? Jim’s Mobile Tyres experts can match you with exactly the right tyres for your needs, supply you with the best brands, and fit those new tyres at your chosen location! Problem solved!

Add to that, we accept a range of payments, so the whole process is easy. You can pay with EFTPOS at your tyre fitting, or via Zip Pay or Afterpay.

Contact Jims Mobile Tyres, Brighton, on 13 15 46 between 8am to 8PM – 7 Days a week, or


Our Range of Tyre Services in Brighton

Tyre Sales in Brighton

Jim’s Mobile Tyres operators use our collective buying power to negotiate great deals with our suppliers on renowned tyre brands. The competitive prices we offer our customers mean we are the optimal provider for individuals seeking convenient tyre services, and for local businesses in the Brighton area needing tyres for small fleets.

We’re able to supply tyres for all manner of vehicles including luxury and passenger cars, utilities, 4WDs, and trucks with up to 5 tonne capacity. Not only that, we have the expertise to recommend and fit exactly the right kind of tyre for your vehicle and driving needs, removing uncertainty for you.

We don’t compromise on safety, and will only sell you high-quality tyres suitable for your vehicle, and will only recommend tyre services that will help keep you safe on the road. We also are mindful of your budget, and will always do our best to offer affordable options.

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Tyre Puncture Repair in Brighton

Thinking your damaged tyre must be replaced? Not necessarily! A tyre puncture repair might sort it out.

Cuts, nail holes and other punctures up to 6mm in your tyre tread can often be repaired. Contact Jim’s for a professional assessment.

When we can’t repair a tyre:

  • The tread puncture is bigger than 6mm.
  • It received a sidewall puncture.
  • The tread has worn past the tyre’s tread wear indicator bars.

If you get a tyre puncture, be sure to have it assessed by a professional. Also, make sure you keep a spare tyre (in good condition) in your car boot. Finally, ensure all your tyres, including your spare, are appropriately inflated with the right tyre pressure, and that they meet Australian Roadworthy Standards.

If you’re not sure about the state of your tyres, get Jim’s to check them out. We do tyre pressure checks, tyre assessments and repairs (including emergency tyre repair), as well as tyre rotations and new tyre fittings.

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Brighton Tyre Upgrades

Need a tyre upgrade? Jim’s Mobile Tyres offer a friendly, prompt and efficient service at your home, office, or other location of your choice.

As a large group, we have strong negotiating power and can get great deals with tyre suppliers. We pass the low prices onto our customers! So if you need new tyres, we can supply you with high-quality tyres from reputable brands.

When assessing what tyres you need, we look at your Original Equipment (OE) tyres, and do our best to match you with either the same tyres, or with tyres that closely resemble the OE – with similar tyre tread. We also take into account your budget, and can generally offer multiple suitable options for you to choose from.

Plus, we fit your new tyres to your vehicle in Brighton and surrounds! So contact us today for a quote on a tyre upgrade.

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1. Find the perfect tyre

Contact us for a free quote from expert tyre fitters. Our prices are competitive and we come to you!

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2. Book a tyre fitting

Our tyre professionals match your vehicle with appropriately-sized tyres, whilst considering your driving needs and budget. We’re unbiased, and don’t promote particular tyre brands over others – rather we recommend the right tyre for your needs. The final choice is always yours!

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3. We come to you

Our tyre fitting service is the ultimate in convenience. Book today and we come to you. No need to waste time at a tyre shop ever again!


Jim’s Mobile Tyres offers a wide range of tyre services in Brighton. Our services include tyre fittings, tyre repairs, tyre pressure checks, tyre rotations, and tyre sales. In addition to our tyre products and services, we also provide convenience by bringing our mobile tyre service directly to your location in Brighton. Our fully-equipped mobile tyre vans have everything necessary to fit your new tyres or repair punctures on-site.

Yes. We understand that tyre emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer emergency tyre services in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a flat tyre, a puncture, or any other tyre-related issue, our team of technicians can assist you.
Our emergency tyre services include on-site tyre repairs, tyre replacements, and temporary spare tyre fittings to get you back on the road safely. We aim to respond to emergency tyre requests as quickly as possible.

Scheduling a mobile tyre service with Jim’s Mobile Tyres in Brighton is easy and convenient. You can call us directly on 13 15 46 between 8 AM and 8 PM, seven days a week, to book an appointment. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.
Alternatively, you can request a quote or make a booking online through our website. Simply provide your location, vehicle details, and preferred service, and we’ll get back to you promptly to confirm your appointment.

At Jim’s Mobile Tyres, we strive to make the payment process as convenient as possible for our customers in Brighton. We accept a variety of payment methods, including:
EFTPOS, Zip Pay and Afterpay

Yes, Jim’s Mobile Tyres can repair punctured tyres in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle tyre puncture repairs on-site, saving you the hassle of having to visit a traditional tyre shop.

Yes. One of the key advantages of choosing Jim’s Mobile Tyres in Brighton is our ability to come to your preferred location for tyre fittings. Whether you need new tyres fitted at your home, workplace, or any other convenient spot, our fully-equipped mobile tyre vans have everything necessary to complete the job on-site.
Our mobile tyre fitting service eliminates the need for you to waste time and effort visiting a traditional tyre shop. Simply schedule an appointment, and our expert technicians will arrive at your chosen location in Brighton, ready to fit your new tyres professionally.

Ordering new tyres in Brighton with Jim’s Mobile Tyres is a straightforward process. You can initiate your order by contacting our friendly staff either by calling us on 13 15 46 or by requesting a quote online through our website. Our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to discuss your vehicle’s specific requirements and provide recommendations for suitable tyre options from our extensive range of high-quality brands.

Yes, we provide convenient mobile tyre replacement services throughout Brighton area. If you find yourself in need of a new tyre, whether due to a puncture or excessive wear, our team can come directly to your location and handle the entire replacement process on-site.
When you contact us for mobile tyre replacement, our technicians will first assess your vehicle and existing tyres to determine the appropriate replacement options. They will then provide recommendations and pricing for suitable tyre choices that meet your vehicle’s specifications, driving needs, and budget.