Tyre Sizes

Mobile Tyre Fitting - All Tyres Sizes in Melbourne

  Jim’s Mobile Tyres offer the ultimate in quality when getting your tyres replaced - complete convenience, superb customer service and speedy efficiency. So, if you’re thinking “it’s high time I replace my tyres”, Jim’s Mobile Tyres is just the ticket you need.   Mobile tyre fitting is getting ever more popular. As you busily juggle work, home and social life, hassle-free, reliable tyre fitting on your drive or at your workplace is a great time and energy saving solution.  And you may have been wondering where to buy new tyres - where’s close to your home? Where’s trustworthy and fast and efficient? Well now you can stop wondering, Jim’s Mobile Tyres will fit the tyres you need, when you need, and in record time.

We Service All Of The Following Tyres

10 Inch Tyres

12 Inch Tyres

13 Inch Tyres

14 Inch Tyres

15 Inch Tyres

16 Inch Tyres

17 Inch Tyres

17.5 Inch Tyres

18 Inch Tyres

19 Inch Tyres

20 Inch Tyres

21 Inch Tyres

22 Inch Tyres

23 Inch Tyres