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Stuck on the side of the road or in the driveway and need help repairing a tyre puncture? Jim’s are here to help! We will come to you and help you get back on the road sooner. How much it costs to repair a punctured tyre varies, but with Jim’s you know you’re getting the best deal! With our onsite puncture repairs starting from $79, we will have you back up and running fast, whilst also saving you time and money!


Tyre Puncture Repairs Onsite

Jim’s Mobile Tyres offers onsite flat tyre repair.
Get your tyre repaired with the convenience and affordability of Jim’s!
We also offer tyre replacement if that punctured tyre is not repairable.

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Car Tyre Puncture Repair Specialists in Australia

A lot of drivers don’t realise that repairing a car tyre puncture is possible in many cases and doesn’t require a new tyre replacement! Sometimes the damage isn’t severe enough to require a new tyre and you can get on the road again 100% safely with just a car tyre puncture repair.

New Tyres vs Tyre Puncture Repair

However, it’s not always easy to know whether your tyre puncture can be repaired or you will need a tyre replacement. So here’s a quick guide to help understand if repairing your tyre puncture is possible or you need a new tyre:

You can normally get tyre puncture repairs if:

  • The damage is on the tread and does not extend to other areas
  • The puncture or hole is no more than 6 mm
  • A trained tyre technician is on hand to carry out the car tyre puncture repair

Time to buy new tyres

But you will probably have to go with a tyre replacement if:

  • It has tread punctures that are bigger than 6 mm
  • It has puncture(s) to the sidewall
  • It is already worn under the wear indicator bars

Tyre repair experts

When repairing a tyre puncture it is very important to be done correctly! So always bear in mind that – whether it’s a tyre puncture repair or a tyre replacement you need – it should be carried out by a professional tyre technician to ensure the safety of you and other road users. Stop searching for “tyre repair near me” or “wheel repair specialists near me” there’s no need to travel anywhere to get your tyre puncture repaired by tyre specialists, we come to you! Jim’s offer mobile wheel repair no matter where you are in Australia. Get in touch today to get your car tyre repaired, or to buy new car tyres.

A spare tyre in your boot is a good idea for tyre emergencies, and make sure you have a wheel brace and a solid jack to fit it. When it’s inflated check it is the right pressure to conform to Australian standards.

In need of a tyre repair or tyre replacement? There’s no need to punch in ‘tyre centre near me’ or ‘how much does it cost for a tyre repair’ on your search engine – Jim’s Mobile Tyres experts will repair your puncture onsite and at the cheapest price! Call Jim’s on 131546 or book a repair today!

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