Jim’s Mobile Tyre Fitting

Buying new tyres and need help fitting them? Jim’s are here to help! With our mobile tyre fitting service vans, we will come to your home or work and fit your new tyres for you!


Tyre Mobile Fitting Across The Suburbs

Here at Jim’s Mobile Tyres we offer the full range of mobile tyre fitting options for residents all across Australia. So whenever you need to buy new tyres and get the tyres fitted no matter where you are at the time, whether it be at home or at the office – you can rely on Jim’s Mobile Tyres for a super-quick and smooth tyre-fitting service.

Elite Tyre Brands Fitted at your convenience

Our size and strong reputation have given us a helping hand in negotiating amazing tyre deals with our suppliers. And we pass the savings on to you, making sure you get the best deal going! So, whether you’ve got a passenger car tyres fitted, luxury tyres fitted or a 4WD tyres fitted, a utility vehicle or a truck tyres fitted, we’re here to help you with trusted mobile tyre service!

Industry Experts in Tyre fitting Services

We pride ourselves on giving superb advice based on decades of industry expertise with tyres. We’ll pair the elite brands with professional matching to your specific tyre needs. Safety comes first every time with Jim’s Mobile Tyres, so you can rest assured we hit every standard and will make sure your tyres are fitted correctly and are at 100% safe.

Full Service Tyre Fitting

All Jim’s Mobile tyre fitting vehicles are kitted out with absolutely everything we need for a mobile tyre fitting. But on top of that, we also offer emergency puncture repairs, mobile tyre repairs and breakdown tyre repair, tyre rotations and pressure checks, and tyre fleet management. Our mobile tyre shop is the one stop shop for all your tyre fitting and other mobile tyre service needs. All at the comfort of your home and work!


When one of our team members arrives from our local tyre shop at a customer location, the mobile tyre fitting service goes through the following steps:

  • We’ll ensure that it’s safe to fit tyres where your car is currently parked. If not, we’ll recommend a new location nearby where we can start working as soon as possible.
  • Your mechanic will then fit your tyres, balance your wheels, and check them for any damage.
  • We will check your tyre tread depth and advise if you need an alignment which we can perform at any of our tyre shop.

Trailer wheels are usually smaller than those found on cars and caravans and require higher pressures to enable them to support the load on the axle.

Tyre mobile fitters are responsible for fitting, fixing, removing or changing tyres on vehicles such as cars and trucks.

The best time for Tyre Replacement is when the tread wear indicator is at its closest point to the tread, it’s time for new tyres. Your tyres should be checked once per annum if they’re older than five years. If your tyres are older than 10 years, they should be replaced right away.