Why you need to get your brakes serviced regularly

February 27, 2023

Even though we’re a mobile tyre shop, we know the importance of getting your brakes checked. Owning a vehicle requires ongoing maintenance and repair, including tyre repairs when needed. Ensuring your tyres are fitted correctly, and brakes are working as they should be will help to keep you safe on the road. 

Drivers often assume that when their brakes are working, they are working to the best of their ability. However, as a driver, you can’t see any damage or minor issues that your brakes may have. This is just one reason why you should get your brakes serviced regularly.

Signs and Symptoms of deteriorating brakes

If you’re unsure about whether your brakes need a service, a good question to ask is when was the last time they were serviced. Here in Australia, you should get your brakes serviced every six months. Being a mobile tyre shop, we complete various tyre repairs, so we’re constantly on the road. When speaking with our customers out on the road, we always take the opportunity to remind them to get their brakes serviced. Most customers are unaware of how often this needs to be completed.

Apart from timing, other telltale signs to look out for are,

  • The brake warning light will appear on your dashboard. This is the most obvious sign and should not be ignored.
  • A squealing noise or vibrating sensation when you apply the brake.
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake.
  • When you press on the brake, it feels spongy.
  • There’s a feeling of resistance or stickiness every time you brake.
  • Lack of gripping in the brakes.

Safety is of the utmost importance, so no matter the severity of any of the above issues, it’s important that you don’t put off heading to your local mechanic to get your brakes serviced.

How you drive your vehicle can impact upon how often you need to get your brakes serviced. If your vehicle or driving style fits into the following categories, you may need to get your brakes serviced more regularly.

  • Regularly driving through hilly areas, with sharp turns and bends.
  • Stop and go style driving compared to highway driving.
  • Using cheap and unreliable brake pads or brake systems.
  • Driving downhill, where constant braking is necessary.

Fuel Economy

In addition to safety, when your brakes are serviced regularly, your fuel economy improves drastically, which in today’s climate is a bonus. With correctly serviced brakes, your car doesn’t need to work as hard to bring the vehicle to a halt.

Ensuring your tyres are inflated  to the correct tyre pressure also improves fuel economy. When your tyres are set to the correct pressure, they can be used at peak performance.

Stopping Distance

Vehicle stopping distance is affected by the condition of your brakes. If you need to press down firmly on your brakes to stop, this is a sign that your stopping distance is being negatively impacted.  . You’ll likely have to apply the brakes much earlier, giving yourself less time to brake safely.  .

If you find yourself in this scenario, it should be treated as a  serious safety issue. When you brake, your car should stop almost immediately. With worn-down brakes, you risk braking later and coming too close to another vehicle. Constant braking on worn tyres can impact your tyre wear and place them under unnecessary pressure.

Save Money over time

While having your brakes fixed every six months or so can seem irritating and costly, it will save you money in the long run. Having your brakes serviced regularly allows for gradual wear and tear issues to be fixed immediately, without slowly turning into a hefty bill.

Keep yourself and others around you safe

We’re big on safety, and it’s not something that can be taken for granted. Brakes are the reason your car can stop when it needs to. Ignoring the signs of brake wear puts yourself and the people around you at risk of an accident or serious collision.  

We’re a mobile tyre shop, but our knowledge goes further than tyres. Jim’s group has a variety of services other than tyre repairs. Our franchising partners offer you their expertise and services at a value price. If you have a specific service in mind you need taken care of, get in touch with Jim’s group. Alternatively, if you need a mobile tyre repair service, you can contact us and make a booking.

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