The Best Solutions For Your 825R16 Tyres

Buy or service your 825R16 tyres and get a visit from your local Jim's Mobile Tyres service team.


Tyre Servicing

Whether it’s your 825R16 that has blown out, your whole set of 825R16 that is long overdue to be replaced, or the tread on your back 825R16 that has worn out, Jim’s Mobile Tyres has the ideal tyre servicing to suit your situation. As our name suggests, we come to you, and we offer our top quality tyre servicing and fitting all across Melbourne and the suburbs. And all our operatives are super-professional.

Tyre Repairs

At Jim’s Mobile Tyres we know as well as anyone that getting your tyres repaired can be a serious hassle, sometimes just when least need it. What do you do when your 825R16 has punctured out of town with no spare? Or even if your 825R16 has gone on your drive and you can’t get it to the service centre? Well, that’s where Jim’s Mobile Tyres comes in. We have now teamed up with tyre experts to bring tyre repairs and servicing to your drive, office or point of breakdown. And we’ll do it all with a speed and efficiency that will amaze you.

Tyre Sales and Fitting

We completely understand that getting a new set of 825R16, or even just a front pair of 825R16, is a considerable expense to add to your monthly outgoings. Most of the time it is one that is unexpected too. At Jim’s Mobile Tyres we want to help you out with this, so we offer extremely competitive pricing on every single tyre you order. As a member of the vast Jim’s Group, we have excellent buying power. This buying power enables us to offer you extremely impressive, factory direct deals on a wide range of our most in-demand tyre brands and sizes. To keep you happy, we combine this with a highly competitive pricing system on the tyre fitting. And, as our customers will tell you, superb customer service is always a given with Jim’s Mobile Tyres.

We offer 825R16 Tyres the following vehicles


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