Tyre Rotation Keeps the Wheels Going ‘Round

June 10, 2020

Tyre Rotation Keeps the Wheels Going ‘Round

You probably don’t remember the last time you had your car’s tyres rotated – but we won’t hold that against you! Instead, we’ve provided this article about how important it is to include tyre rotation as part of any routine that you have, for taking care of your car.

At Jims Mobile Tyres, we see first-hand how poorly managed tyres cost businesses money, and also risk the safety of drivers and other road users. If you might have overlooked the importance of tyre rotation servicing in the past, it’s time to take a new perspective on professional car maintenance.

In our previous articles, we’ve mentioned the importance of tyre health and maintenance, along with recommendations on how to prolong the life of your tyres. Tyre rotation services work along the same train of thought as these previous maintenance tips – they help to keep your car running effectively, and save you the cost of having to replace your tyres as often.

Tyre rotation prolongs the life of your tyres by spreading out the wear and tear, such that it occurs evenly across your set of tyres. On top of saving you cost on tyre replacements, this also helps you improve your fuel economy, and ensure that your drive is always a safe and smooth one.

The uneven wear upon your tyres from foregoing tyre rotation services can cause a number of issues to impair safety and comfort while you drive. The uneven wear can build up over time, to cause vibrations and discomforting noises that eventually affect your driving.

Tyre rotation servicing should be included with your regular vehicle check-ups – especially if you are coming in to have your tyres checked. If you notice any difference in tread depth, it’s imperative to get a tyre rotation done before it’s too late!

Get your tyre rotation servicing done before you begin to feel the uneven wear of your tyres cause unwanted vibrations to your steering wheel. In extreme cases, uneven tyre wear can also cause your car to pull to one side while you drive – and these imbalances can in turn, affect other mechanical components of your vehicle, to cost you more on servicing in the long-run.

Have no worries when it comes to any concern regarding your tyres – at Jims Mobile Tyres we’re here to help, and are always keen to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for safe and comfortable driving experiences!

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