Tyre Care: Tips That Every Car Owner Needs to Follow

April 9, 2022

Follow These Easy Steps to Care for Your Vehicle in the Best Way Possible and Make Good Use of Your Tyre’s Lifespan

The world’s automotive fleet totals billions. It is safe to say that the majority of individuals have ridden in a car at some point in their life, and many of them are car owners. However, not every car owner understands how to properly care for their vehicles, particularly their tyres.

The majority of people are unaware of how essential it is to extend the useful life of a car’s tyres, with periodically tyre rotations and tyre pressure checks, among other safety measures. Occasionally, one can overlook the necessity of preserving the quality of the current tyres and fail to consider its impact on the car’s performance.

From checking your tyre’s pressure to rotating them, there are many things one can do to maintain the quality of the tyres. Having wheels in good conditions are a must for a safe vehicle. Your tyres’ condition may have an effect on the vehicle’s break, stability, and grip, for example.

While we recognise that safety is a sufficient incentive to consider tyre care, avoiding the need to invest in a brand new pair of tyres sooner than necessary may also save you tons of money. Hopefully, the following ideas will assist you in maintaining the health of your tyres and maximising the lifespan of your entire vehicle.

Take a Look at Some of the Aspects That Could Help You Optimise Your Tyre’s Use


Something as simple as doing a tyre pressure check at the nearest petrol station could make a world of difference to the health of your wheels. Particularly because it would not only improve gas efficiency but also make driving seem smoother and easier. To support the weight of your vehicle, your tyres must be properly inflated.

Wheels that are deflated might cause your car to become unstable. Integrating pressure inspections into your routine may help you avoid an unwelcome situation. Here at Jim’s Mobile Tyres, we can assist you in determining the proper tyre pressure for your car. Our services are meant to ensure that our client’s vehicles operate at top performance.


Your car’s front and rear wheels perform distinct functions. As a result, some tyres will wear more quickly than others, depending on their placement. Therefore, doing tyre rotations to change the position of each tyre on a regular and intentional basis is critical for the safety of both passenger and driver, as well as the wheels’ overall life. This essential procedure must be done in a certain order and is best performed by a specialist.

At Jim’s Mobile, we recommend that customers rotate their tyres every 10,000 kilometres, unless they feel the need to do so sooner. There are several indicators that your vehicle’s tyres need to be rotated, including vibration on the steering wheel, distinct wear patterns on each wheel, and noise coming from the tyres.


It may seem trivial or overly simplistic, but we should not overlook the benefits of routine tyre cleaning. Approximately every two weeks or whenever you wash your car in general is the industry standard. Apart from aesthetics, washing your tyres on a regular basis can help extend their lifespan and eliminate harmful particles that might accumulate over time and cause vehicle accidents.


Regular inspections of your car, particularly your tyres, can help you avoid numerous collisions. Checking for damage or merely checking the general condition of the tyres might make all the difference. Count on your tyre dealer to assist you in determining whether your tyre is still effective.

Tread Depth

To ensure grip and mobility on concrete roadways, car tyres feature circumferential treads around the entire wheel. While the patterns may vary, they always have the same purpose: to be in contact with the road’s surface. The treads of a worn tyre get narrower. Therefore, a smart technique to maintain your tyres is to check the tread depth. Without deep treaded tyres, an automobile can be exceedingly dangerous, particularly in the rain, snow, or on a slippery road.

Car Weight

It is self-evident that the wheels of an automobile bear the entire weight of the vehicle. Overloading your vehicle can put undue pressure on and damage your tyres, reducing their useful life. Always consult the manuals of the car and tyres to determine the maximum weight that your wheels can safely support.
Along with these procedures for maintaining your vehicle and tyres, always consult a tyre dealer. In essence, following these guidelines could prevent you from getting involved on car accidents, unwelcomed situations, or unnecessary spending.

Jim’s Mobile Tyre provides exceptional services to help customers make good use of their tyres. From tyre pressure checks and tyre rotations inspections to bringing our services to where you are with our fully equipped van for mobile tyre fitting; our services could assist car owners make the most out of their cars.

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