Jims Carpet Cleaning Melbourne (Craigieburn)

January 1, 1970

I was feeling depressed about the direction my working life was heading, being stuck in an
office behind a desk all day every day, it just wasn’t for me. So with the support of my wife
and the trust I had in Ali Olmez (Jim’s Franchisor) I decided to purchase my own small
4 years on I am pleased to say it was a fantastic decision for so many reasons. Financially we
are better than ever, even being able to purchase an investment property. My family life is
also in a great position as I get to drop off and pick up my kids from school take a day off
with my wife (because I can being my own boss). I have met so many wonderful people
through the journey so far. Making friends within the Jim’s Organisation and also friends
with some of my clients. I love being out on the road, in control of my working life. If you are
willing to work hard and do the right thing by your clients and your business you will be

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