Chris Degering (one of Australia’s mobile tyres pioneers)

July 19, 2024

I have been in the tyre industry for over 10 years now, starting out as a tyre fitter and
quickly working my up through the ranks to a store manager. I kept noticing the frequency
of customers struggling to find time to arrange their vehicle to be off the road and into a
shop for hours, and thought there had to be a better way, so began the road to a mobile car
tyre service and where I am today.

I went and started one of Australia’s first mobile tyre businesses. My mobile model
provided a new level of service currently unavailable. It focused more on the customer
needs and expectations than that of the traditional tyre store. It was a strong success,
giving me income levels that I couldn’t have reached working for others.
After running my own mobile tyre business for a number of years and enjoying the lifestyle
and flexibility it has given to myself and my family, I was approached by Darren the
franchisor of Jim’s Mobile Tyres to join the team as the Operations Manager for Jim’s
Mobile Tyres. I am looking forward to sharing my experience and success as part of
something much bigger.

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