Spare Tyres and Their Place in Your Fleet

July 17, 2018

Spare Tyres and Their Place in Your Fleet

The spare tyre is an essential part of every vehicle, yet one ignored by most people until they really need it. A lot of drivers would probably not even know where their spare is. So it is little wonder that there are lots of drivers who fail to look after their spare tyres.

From a recent study, it was found that the average motorist takes about five years before deciding to use their spare tyre. This figure is understandably lower for commercial vehicles, because they tend to cover larger distances.

Newer vehicles, especially small vehicles, are sometimes released without a spare. This practice is part of the current trend towards having more efficient vehicles, which sees spare tyres as an unnecessary extra weight. To use an analogy, having a spare tyre has been likened to a person carrying around a first aid kit in their pocket every day. However, this is obviously not the best way to think about your spare tyres, especially not when business vehicles are involved.

To a business owner, the need for a spare could mean the difference between a botched delivery, and a stitch in time. If you had to ask our opinion at Jims Mobile Tyres, we’d agree that a spare tyre costs nothing, especially considering the cost you’d have to deal with otherwise, should one of your sales or delivery vehicles encounter a tyre mishap while en-route.

Could you imagine one of your representatives having to struggle by the side of a highway, or having to push a vehicle with a blown tyre, all the way to the closest servo? Alternative solutions like run flat tyres, and space saver tyres may come close, when there’s a pressing need to replace a punctured tyre – yet they aren’t lasting solutions, and cannot be used as long-term replacements. And if you’ve ever thought of equipping your company vehicles with some sealant and a tyre compressor – do consider if that’s really
what you’d like your drivers and sales staff to be focusing on!

This is one of those many things that people tend to overthink – yet few solutions provide the same peace of mind, that keeping a spare tyre can. Of courses it should go without saying that your spare has to be kept roadworthy!

A good spare always pays off for more than the hassle it takes to keep it in the boot. As part of our emphasis at Jims Mobile Tyres on the importance of keeping your spare tyre handy, we never leave out spare tyres, whenever our clients come in for a tyre rotation service. And if you ever find yourself in need around Melbourne, it might come in handy to know that we also run an emergency tyre service in the city.

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