Six Tyre Myths Revealed

June 11, 2019

Six Tyre Myths Revealed

Living in Australia, you’d know just how essential it is to have you own vehicle to get around the country. Without the right tyres or reliable servicing from a professional, you’d no doubt be compromising in one way or another, when it comes to safely navigating your journeys on the road.

At Jims Mobile Tyres tyre maintenance and outfitting are our specialties – but believe us when we say that every driver has their beliefs when it comes to taking care of their tyres.

If you’ve got any doubts regarding what you’ve heard about how to look after your own tyres, always remember that safety is of the utmost importance when making any consideration! Whether it’s for a short trip into town, or a long drive on the highway, read on to see if you’ve ever come across these six common myths about tyre maintenance.

Myth 1:
“Don’t over-inflate your tyres, or they’ll burst.”

No matter how much you try, it isn’t inflating your tyres that will cause them to burst!

Tyres burst due to manufacturing defects, or poor fitting. However, over-inflating them can affect how easily they wear out. Imagine driving over-inflated tyres over a bumpy road, or series of potholes – all that extra pressure on your tyres is sure to make them more likely to blow out!

Myth 2:
“Tyre rotation is just a way for tyre suppliers to make more money!”

If you’ve ever thought about it this way, don’t worry – we won’t take it personally! We do know for a fact, however, that rotating your tyres almost always helps to preserve their lifespan. Preserving their longevity this way is a sure method to guarantee your safety on the road.

Without rotation services, tyres will not wear evenly over time – this depends largely on how, and where you drive your vehicle. If you often come across hilly areas, or winding roads, tyre rotation will definitely help you spread out the wear and tear as you go about your daily commute. The irony to this myth, is that tyre rotation services actually help you save on the cost of having to replace your tyres as often!

Myth 3:
“You save money by keeping new tyres on the front wheels, and old ones on the back.”

Having good tyre traction keeps your vehicle operating safely while steering. Your vehicle’s front wheels are connected to the steering axle, so fresh treads on your front wheels will definitely ensure your vehicle has adequate grip to handle the road without sliding.

However, this doesn’t mean that your rear tyres won’t require the same amount of traction, especially since they’re connected to your vehicle’s braking system!

This dangerous myth can cause some drivers to think that old tyres can safely be kept on their vehicle’s rear wheels. The truth is, worn tyres on either your front or rear set of wheels can greatly affect your ability to brake safely, and drive with comfort.

Remember: tyres should always be replaced whenever the treads look worn. Save yourself from the catastrophic cost of an accident, simply by replacing your tyres when they wear out their lifespan!

Myth 4:
“No need to check the tyres; the mechanic’s already done that during servicing!”

Never assume that your responsibility as a driver is owed to your professional mechanic! Do not ‘pass the buck’ this way, especially when it boils down to your safety, and the safety of all those you share the road with!

It’s not difficult to know where to look for signs of wear and tear on your tyres. Keeping this good habit could help you ensure your own safety, without the need for a professional check-up.

By monitoring your tyre pressure and paying mind to how they wear-out over time, you could even save yourself from servicing fees by prolonging the longevity of your tyres, and helping your vehicle perform more effectively in the long-run.

Myth 5:
“Never use used tyres – they’re dangerous!”

It’s understandable how some drivers save cost by keeping used tyres on their second vehicle. While we would not suggest keeping your used tyres for a vehicle that you use everyday, using them for a spare vehicle could make sense, especially if you only use the vehicle in question to get through short distances.

Cost savings is a prominent consideration for most drivers, and fitting used tyres on a spare is only as effective as your knowledge of your tyre quality, and their wear over lifespan. Never sacrifice safety just to save a couple of dollars!

Myth 6:
“Tyres can last for a very long time.”

Whether this belief is held with regard to the wear and tear of tyre use, or when considering storage of tyres over time, it is simply not true, and can lead to expensive disappointment!

Worn tyres simply make your vehicle un-roadworthy, and do not forget that there’s a minimum tread depth to be considered, before your safety on the road is compromised!

Some business owners have to deal with tyre management decisions when it comes to their fleet of vehicles. A good tyre management plan can help you save on cost of new tyres and servicing, while prolonging the lifespan of your existing vehicles. Consulting with a professional service like ours can help you decide on the most suitable tyre management plan for your organisation’s fleet.

When it comes to storing tyres away, bear in mind that the rubber on your tyres can deteriorate due to a number of factors such as humidity, temperature, and pest problems. Old tyres should always be checked before fitting to ensure their usability.

Come across any myths you’ve heard before? It always helps to get a second opinion on such myths – especially if it’s from a professional! As tyre suppliers, Our priority at Jims Mobile Tyres is always safety. We believe that safety is the primary function of any good set of tyres, so call us and ask how to make your vehicle safer.

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