Learn to Pick the Right Tyres

March 11, 2020

Learn to Pick the Right Tyres

Picking the right set of tyres for your car is definitely not as simple as grabbing the first set off the shelf. This is where the team from Jims Mobile Tyres can help.

When it comes to ensuring safety and effective driving, the cheapest options may not be the best options when it comes to choosing your car’s tyres. While there are many sets of tyres to suit your car, not all tyres are created equally, and you should always consider these factors before deciding on which tyres go best on your wheels.

Where will you be driving?

Will you be driving long on freeways?

Will you be driving regularly in traffic?

Are you driving a sports car or performance vehicle for a race track?

Along with these pointers, your usage characteristics as a driver will play major factors in helping the team at Jims Mobile Tyres to determine the best tyres to help you get the most out of your ride. Our professionals emphasise safety, comfort, and cost-effectiveness – so you can rest assured that we’re on your side when it comes to selecting the best set of tyres for your vehicle.

It’s good to take cues from car manufacturers. They invest a considerable amount of time and effort into understanding different tyre compounds and treads, and testing them on test tracks so they can confidently equip the cars they sell with tyres that would suit most driving conditions. Keeping this in mind, the tyres that your car were originally equipped with play a great indicator of the types of tyres you should pick, going forward with every tyre change. There’s no need to select the same brand and model, but have a look at similar tyres. Your car owner’s manual should describe the original tyres it came with.

The assumption goes that the more expensive tyres are, the better they will be. However, cost is a factor to most, if not all drivers, and any assessment with our professionals at Jims Mobile Tyres is objectively made to keep in mind what you want to get out of your driving experience, and what tyres you’ll need to get you to where you want to go.

Get in touch with Jims Mobile Tyres today, and we’ll be pleased to deliver professional servicing quality to manage your right tyre needs!

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