Know When To Rotate Your Tyres

August 10, 2020

Is Tyre Rotation Necessary?

Because cars cost so much money to purchase and maintain, finding ways to reduce their upkeep costs is always welcome. A simple task such as rotating your tyres can ensure they last longer and have even wear. This means you don’t have to buy new tyres as frequently and it also increases the safety of your vehicle. Tyre rotation simply means alternating where the individual tyre is mounted on the car. Usually the front is switched with the back, but a tyre rotation can also be either switching front to back or left to right.

Why Do I Need To Rotate My Tyres?


The weight on each tyre varies which means each tyre wears down differently. The weight distribution changes from front to rear, left to right. The front tyres always carry more weight as that is where the engine and transmission is situated. The front wheels are usually the drive wheels so the front tyres will take more stress in terms of turning and braking.

The consequences of not rotating tyres on a car can result in tyre failure which can lead to skidding accidents, and no-one wants that. How often you should rotate tyres will depend on the age of your tyres and the amount of driving your car does. On average, tyres should be rotated every 6 months, however recommended tyre rotation frequency does depend on how much you use your vehicle, and where you drive your vehicle.

Ensure you follow proper rotation techniques. If you are unsure, always visit a mechanic as you will need to make sure your tyres are properly fitted and balanced. This is vital, so you get the best wear patterns from your tread.

Warning Signs


Wear and Tear
If one particular tyre is showing more wear than the others then this can be a sign that your tyres need a tyre rotation. This will usually be the front ones as these bear the most weight and use. Depending on the amount of wear, you may need a whole new tyre or set of tyres. If the tread wear isn’t severe then it is probably okay to rotate. If you notice the tread on your front tyres is beginning to wear, you may need to consider replacing your rear tyres as well.

Vehicle vibration
If your tyres are in good condition your car should not vibrate. When your tyres are uneven or the tread has worn, then you will notice a slight or mild vibration. This vibration may only happen at high speeds. This is a good indication that your tyres need to be rotated, balanced, or a wheel alignment.

Loss of Pressure
If any of your tyres are losing pressure unexpectedly or frequently, then it may be time for a tyre change. When tyres are used more, i.e. the front ones, they may need to be subjected to more stress than the other tyres causing them to lose air pressure.

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