Improve Your Petrol Consumption, and Get More Kilometres out of Every Tank

November 22, 2019

Improve Your Petrol Consumption, and Get More Kilometres out of Every Tank

The one thing you’re guaranteed of when driving a car, is that petrol costs always have a tendency to rise. However, there’s no need to feel helpless due to this fact. Read on to find out what action you could take to improve your fuel consumption, and get more kilometres out of every tank you fill up on.

Set a Starting Point
Begin by setting a starting point, so you’ll know how to improve your fuel consumption. Take a look at your odometer the next time you fill up, and track how far you’ve travelled before your next fill-up – if you’re lucky to be driving a newer model vehicle, it may already have this feature built-in.

Focus on the Way you Drive
With a baseline set for your fuel consumption, you can now put an effort into making slight adjustments to the way you drive. Avoid sudden stops and accelerations – these can both increase your fuel consumption. With smoother driving habits, you’ll find your car burning through a lot less fuel.

Check Your Tyre Pressure
Ensuring that you’ve got the correct tyre pressure is a sure way to improve your fuel consumption. Tyre pressure recommendations are not just a vague guide – they ensure the safe operation of your vehicle, and factor in considerations to do with fuel efficiency, and a comfort while driving.

Remove Roof Racks
We know you’ve mounted them for a reason – but if you’re not transporting anything, removing your roof racks helps reduce the extra weight that your engine has to carry around. Getting rid of the unnecessary weight and extra resistance does affect your car’s ability to maintain optimum fuel efficiency.

Keep the money in your wallet, and stop it from flowing away freely with every pump at the servo. Maintaining good tyre pressure is among the tips to help you maintain your fuel efficiency. If you find yourself in doubt, get in touch with us at Jim’s Mobile Tyres to find a solution today.

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