Follow These 3 Simple Tips to Know if Your Car Tyres Are in Good Condition!

August 3, 2022

Follow These 3 Simple Tips to Know if Your Car Tyres Are in Good Condition! 

Most people do not give much thought to the quality of their car tyres. This article will provide you with straightforward yet helpful tyre check advice

When we are questioned about our vehicles, we rarely consider the condition of our tyres. However, without them, a car would serve no purpose. From rough pavement to the lack of tyre pressure checks, there are numerous factors that could affect the quality of our automobile tyres. Regular tyre checks at a reliable tyre shop are necessary to keep your tyres and, by extension, your car in good condition.

Caring for all aspects of your car can enhance not only the vehicle’s performance but also your safety. Tyres in good conditions could mean you using them for a longer period and even saving fuel. And most importantly, whether you intend to take a trip or use your automobile for day-to-day activities, it is essential that you, your family and friends travel safely in your vehicle. 

From a simple general look at your wheels to taking your car to a tyre shop, there are so many useful steps one could take regarding tyre maintenance. 

Here are the three main tips to check if your car tyres are in good conditions. 


Wheels are the only point of contact between a vehicle and the ground, and the treads of a tyre are what makes this contact safe and smooth. The inside treads prevent aquaplaning and serve as a water displacement mechanism, while the outer treads give traction on dry surfaces. Being aware of the condition of your tyre treads is crucial, as the quality of the treads is what ensures your vehicle’s secure grip on the road. 

Even though cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated in aspects such as stability, traction control, and emergency braking, the most crucial element is ensuring that your vehicle has a safe point of contact with the ground. The recommended tread depth depends on your habits and what kind of places, roads, and environments you drive on. 

There are several “do-it-yourself” methods for determining whether the tread depth complies with Australian law. However, we will always recommend consulting an expert, as tread depth affects not only your vehicle’s longevity but, most importantly, your safety. 

Sidewall Damage

The sidewalls of your tyres may have the most visible damage. The soft, treadless exterior of a tyre is an immediately apparent area of degradation. A fast visual examination may be vitally crucial. A bump, a cut, an object hooked to it, or even a minor crack can cause a tyre to fail and put your vehicle’s safety at risk. 

Particularly if your driving habits include off-road driving, certain roadways can be quite difficult on your tyres. If you can identify a problem with the sidewalls of your tyres, you should have a professional tyre check performed at a trustworthy tyre shop to see what can be done to correct it.

Tyre Pressure Check

At all times, the proper tyre pressure must be maintained. To ensure high-quality, long-lasting tyres, your vehicle’s tyres should be inflated to the proper pressure. Some vehicles even include a dashboard light that alerts the driver to check the tyre pressure, recognising its significance for the vehicle’s health. 

One of the services provided by Jim’s Mobile Tyres is a professional tyre pressure check performed by one of our specialists. This guarantees that your vehicle is working at peak efficiency, saves fuel, and prevents accidents and emergencies.

In general, we will always advise you to visit a tyre shop to have your vehicle’s tyres and wheels inspected and maintained by an expert. Tyre inspections are unquestionably one of the most essential measures for keeping your tyres and, by extension, your vehicle in good condition. Since tyres carry the entire weight of a vehicle, they should be routinely inspected and always considered.

Always bear in mind that some of these strategies can easily be incorporated into your regular practise in some form or another. An example of this would be inspecting the sidewalls of your wheels when they are cold; performing a quick inspection of the treads on your tyres, as they could suggest a more serious issue; and keeping an eye out for minor shifts in the way your vehicle performs or unusual noises coming from the tyres while you are driving. 

When it comes to your well-being and the performance of your vehicle, there is no such thing as paying too much attention to detail. Jim Mobile Tyres offers a mobile tyre shop concept that comes to you for a tyre check if a regular visit to the tyre shop does not match your schedule.

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