Car Post-lockdown

December 21, 2020

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing significantly in Melbourne, allowing us to drive further and for longer, it’s a great time to get your car checked out and make sure it’s still running smoothly. Here are several ways that Jim’s Mobile Tyres can ensure you stay safe on the road.

Tyre pressure check

If you haven’t driven your car in a while, you may find that the pressure of your tyres has changed. In cold weather, the tyre pressure can decrease, whereas it can increase in warmer weather. Jim’s Mobile Tyres can come to you and check the pressure of each of your tyres and ensure they’re inflated to the optimum level. Find out more information here: 

Tyre sales

There’s no need to travel to buy new tyres as Jim’s Mobile Tyres can come straight to you. Jim’s stocks a huge range of tyres for passenger and luxury cars, 4WDs, utility vehicles and trucks (up to five tonnes). We have brands such as Yokohama, BFGoodrich, Continental, Falken and GT Radial, all at competitive prices. Find out more information here: 

Tyre fitting

Once you’ve bought your tyres, Jim’s Mobile Tyres can also fit them for you, wherever you are. Our super-quick and smooth service carried out by industry professionals will get you back on the road in no time. All Jim’s Mobile Tyre vans are fitted with all the equipment needed to have your new tyres fitted properly and promptly. Find out more information here: 

Emergency breakdown repair

As well as selling and fitting tyres, Jim’s Mobile Tyres can also come to you if you’re in need of emergency breakdown repair, such as from a puncture, rim damage or other issue which can impact the safe driving of your vehicle. Jim’s Mobile Tyres prides itself on being the friendliest, fastest and most efficient emergency tyre service in Melbourne. Find out more information here: 

Tyre puncture repair

If you find yourself in a tyre emergency with a puncture, you don’t always need to spring for new tyres immediately. If the puncture occurred on the tread (and not on the walls of the tyre), then it’s possible for it to be repaired. These types of servicing can be carried out by our expert technicians onsite. Find out more information here: 

Tyre rotations

Tyre rotations are important as they can make your car safer by ensuring that tyre wear is spread evenly, as front and back tyres have different roles and can wear at different rates. Tyre rotations can help to extend the life of your tyres, thus saving you money as well. Find out more information here:

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