Advantages of Using a Mobile Tyre Service

February 22, 2022

Jim’s Mobile Tyres offers a convenient, professional service in all things tyre-related. Whether it be tyre rotations, tyre-fitting, tyre pressure checks or emergency breakdown repairs we’ve got you sorted with our well-experienced technicians who meet you wherever you are in Melbourne, Sydney, & Newcastle with a fully-equipped van. So why choose a Mobile Tyre Service like ours rather than a standard Tyre shop? These are some of the top reasons why Mobile Tyre Servicing is the way to go.


There’s no getting away from the fact that life can be frantic and busy. We are professionals, parents, business owners and students. The to-do list can be a mile long on any given day. A flat or damaged tyre or a needed tyre fitting or rotation, while you’re on the go, can be a massive inconvenience. Having to go to a traditional tyre shop is not something anyone relishes or has time for these days. This is where a Mobile Tyre Service comes in. We can come to your home or business to service your tyres while you continue with your busy schedule. It only takes about 60 minutes for 4 new tyres which include the fitting, computerised balancing, new valves and weights and the recycling of your old tyres. A puncture repair only takes about 30 to 45 minutes and includes removing the tyre from the rim, inspecting it, completing the repair, and then refitting the tyre and balancing it (all our vans are equipped with state of the art computerised wheel balancers). Jim’s Mobile Tyres offers any time, any place solutions for any tyre-related service or emergency. We offer you the convenience of being able to call us any time of day and our reliable team will meet you wherever you are to have your tyres fitted, rotated or repaired so you need never be stuck in a dire tyre situation again.



It is not always a safe option for you to get out of your car and change your tyre by the side of the road, particularly at night. You might be in a dangerous area and accidents have been known to occur like this. Mobile Tyre Service vans are equipped to alert passing traffic of the maintenance happening up ahead to avoid such accidents, keeping you and everybody else on the road safe.


Perhaps you are a new driver and don’t feel confident enough in your ability to change a tyre yourself. A Mobile Tyre Service is available to you at all times.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that assistance is available to you every time you get behind the wheel is priceless.


During these pandemic times, we necessarily aim to limit our contact with people we don’t know and places we don’t regularly frequent. Having us come to your business or home to service your tyres is the best solution to keeping your tyres healthy while at the same time limiting your chances of becoming ill.


In the event of an emergency, there is also the added cost of a towing company when making use of a standard tyre shop. Save this money and make use of a Mobile Tyre Service instead. Jim’s Mobile Tyres offers the best deals on most leading tyre brands. With our buying power, we are able to offer discount prices that won’t break the bank. We also offer regular deals that you can find on our website. Furthermore, by making use of a Mobile Tyre Shop, you won’t have to incur further costs like paying for a babysitter to look after the kids or missing that important meeting because you have to make the time for going to a regular tyre shop for your tyre maintenance. You also saved the fuel costs of having to drive to a garage and back. Driving with damaged tyres can also cost you a lot of money in the long run, not to mention put your life at risk. Don’t let your busy schedule prevent you from getting your tyres regularly checked out. It is best to get them checked and repaired as soon as possible. A Mobile Tyre Shop is ready to help you maintain your tyre health at any time that suits you.


When you contact Jim’s Mobile Tyres, you are counting on a fully-experienced and fully-equipped team to meet all your tyre needs. You can rest assured that the safety of you and your loved ones is a top priority so only the highest safety standards are undertaken. Our vans are equipped with top-notch, state of the art facilities to ensure the highest standards are upheld.


Tyres don’t choose to work or break according to any time so why should a mobile tyre service? Yes, Jim’s Mobile Tyres experts are available to you any time of day or night (including public holidays) so your schedule need never be interrupted. Nor do you need to concern yourself if you have an emergency in the middle of the night. We’re just a phone call away.


You may be on your way to an important meeting when you experience a flat or puncture and changing your tyre would surely mess up your attire. Let the Mobile Tyre Service do the dirty work for you.


The benefits of using a Mobile Tyre Service are indeed multifold. We live in a time where convenience, professionalism, safety and money-saving are of utmost importance yet rarely exist together in one package. More and more people are beginning to rely on Mobile Tyre Servicing and it is obvious why.

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