4WD Tyres… Which Are Best?

August 23, 2021

Do you want the best tyres for your 4WD? With such a wide range of 4WD tyres for sale, it can be hard to decide on which are best for your car! Luckily, there are many options you can choose from, depending on where you plan on heading. We’ll take you through the three main types of 4WD tyres and why some are better than others for certain conditions.

As you might assume from the name, highway tyres are best suited for when you’re mainly driving on city roads and highways. The tread on 4WD highway tyres will be similar to those on smaller passenger vehicles so they’ll be great for comfort, will have low noise, and the tread will be well suited for city roads.

The biggest downside of highway tyres for a 4WD is that if you then decide to go off road, the highway tyres will not give sufficient grip or traction on dirt or mud, so you’ll need to look at one of the other types of 4WD tyres below.

All-terrain (sometimes called “all-purpose”) tyres are designed to be used for city as well as off-road driving. As they need to accommodate certain characteristics that are necessary for off-road driving, such as a deeper tread and thicker construction, they won’t be as quiet on city roads as highway tyres.

However, they’ll have obvious benefits once you go off road, as their thick construction will be useful for the bumps and holes that your 4WD will often impact against once you’re off the highway. There can be quite a bit of variation in quality of all-terrain tyres so it can be worthwhile spending a bit more if you plan on using these 4WD tyres.

Mud-terrain tyres (often just called “muddies”) are designed specifically for use off road, although on city roads you’ll often hear a 4WD with muddies attached before you see it… as they can be quite noisy. But what they lack in quietness they certainly make up for in ruggedness and grip.

Mud-terrain tyres have a wide and deep tread which essentially helps to propel the tyre through dirt and mud and gain traction, while a tyre with smaller tread would just keep spinning and keep you bogged. The sidewalls on these 4WD tyres also tend to be quite thick, making them more resistant to punctures and damage on the side of the tyres, which can easily occur in off-road settings.

Mud-terrain tyres will need to be rotated regularly as they have a tendency to wear unevenly on the tread. They also have a lower speed rating and higher load rating than highway tyres, meaning they’re not great for travelling at high speeds but they’ll be better if the 4WD is loaded up.

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